Kitulgala White Water Rafting Adventure Tour

Indulge your senses in the thrill and the excitement of an adrenaline pumping adventure, riding over the rushing waters. Taking you to the best white-water rafting hotspot in Sri Lanka our white-water rafting tour will quench your adventure thirst for few months.

Get ready to go water rafting in Kithulgala along the Kalani River with the best instructors and safety measures while we take care of everything from transportations to meals and everything in-between, so all you have to do is focus on your journey.


Day 1 Colombo to Kithulgala

  • Pick up at 0700h from Colombo and hit the road to head to Kithulgala for your white-water rafting adventure in Sri Lanka.
  • Experience a mind-blowing water rafting session riding over the wild rapids.
  • Enjoy a scrumptious Lunch in a restaurant of your price range.
  • Start your journey back to Colombo at 1300h.

What to Expect

You will be picked up at your hotel at 0700 hrs. If you are being picked up from Colombo the travel time would be 3 hours, meaning that you reach your destination at 1000 hrs.

Kithulgala is an area covered in a rainforest. The Kelani River runs through the forest forming several continuous rapids. There are 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids spread over an area of over 5 km, giving the turbulent white waters. In addition to whitewater rafting; Kithulgala is also a natural center for many other adventure sports, including abseiling, canyoning, white water and flat water kayaking and many more. As such Kithulgala has an adventure sports base with highly trained instructors, safety equipment and medical assistance if required.

Once you reach Kithulgala, you will be shown a safe place to keep your belongings as you can’t take them with you into the rapids. You will also be assigned an instructor who will show you the techniques to use as well as the necessary safety equipment and measures.

After the presentation, you will be having your rafting session. Your session will run till approximately 1200 hrs. After that lunch (at your own expense), will be available at the adventure base’s restaurant, which you can select per your choice and price range. You can clean up, get changed and go for your meal. The menu will change according to the chef’s choice of the day. However, all meals are healthy and authentically Sri Lankan.

After your lunch, you will be collecting your personal belongings and start your journey back to Colombo at 1300 hrs.

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